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Paired with a mountainous knowledge of music and innate sensibility for hypnotizing people under his electronic spell, world renowned DJ, producer and musical magician Roger23, descends upon Saarbruecken.
Mixing electro, house, techno and futuristic ear candy.  His style and rhythm have catapulted him to play at many of the major clubs and cities throughout all over the World. For example Europe including Berlin,
Paris, Istanbul & London.  
Sophisticated, spontaneous, energetic and dropping a beat so sick your hips will have the flu.  His magic wand is ready, yet again, to transform the dance floor into an intergalactic musical adventure.
All you need is your spacesuits and soon you'll be dancing on the surface of the moon. Paired with a mountainous knowledge of music and innate sensibility.

Zen Jefferson


Time to Tjeck:



Rüts 2/3 - No Movement In A Cycle - Meakusma 12"
Rüts - No Movement In A Cycle - Meakusma/Ampule DVD

Roger23 - Room With A View Pt. 1 - Baud 12"

Massimiliano Pagliara & Roger23 - H-EA-L EP - Meakusma

Mastering On:

Tom Diccicio - Material Things EP - Baud 02
Pulshar - S.O.L. (Event Tuell Remix) - Demo